Terms and Policies:

Please read everything carefully and save a copy of this page when you agree to work with us as items on the list may change.

Terms between us.  Contracts, deposits, and more.

At Abature, we put effort into our work and stand behind it.  We want you to be happy with any product or service that you require and hope you are forever happy with the results.  We do have a few company terms, policies, and other information that we want you to be aware of.  Transparency is important and we feel that surprises are best left to birthdays and presents.

1.  We do our best to make our contracts easy to understand:  We don't bog down our customers with endless text and fine print.  We use plain and simple language, everything is out in the open.  We use contracts for small and large graphic design or wood working projects to keep everybody protected and make sure that all of the details are laid out before work commences.  We will try to accommodate additional details you have thought of for your project after the contract is signed, if we deem them reasonable and that will fit within the contracts original completion date.  After all, we are human and sometimes small details can be forgotten or were not foreseen.

2.  Deposits on projects small and large - 50% of overall costs:  Whether we are designing you a graphic or building you a custom, reclaimed, wood working piece, we do require a deposit.   Every project requires a 50% down payment before work commences.  We need this deposit to ensure that you are committed to following through with the project.


1)  You contact us with an inquiry for a project (graphic design or wood related). 

2)  We respond with quotes, details associated with your project, and options.

3)  In person, we go over everything you want done and create a list of the details that will be completed by the end of the project.  A contract is filled out, signed, and a deposit is given.

4)  Work commences! 

3.  We do not refund deposits for graphics or other design related work:  This is quite a standard practice in the design world.  You have to realize that we could put hours of effort into a design or graphic after you have paid the down payment and then if you wanted to withdraw your order and be refunded, we would have lost a lot of our time.  It’s like if you were paid by the hour and 6 hours into your shift your boss tells you to go home without pay for the past 6 hours.  Not very fair, right?  If you are your own boss then you have to think of another analogy.

4.  Sub-contracted graphic design projects:  If you would like to hire us for design work for one of your clients, we require the agreed upon completion date before agreeing to any project.  Also, we need direct contact with your client to reduce any confusion during the design process. 

Being able to have direct contact with your client will enable us to better understand your clients needs and fulfill the required service much more smoothly.  Rather than having your client direct you and then you directing us.  It becomes a large game of telephone and leads to confusion and frustration for the parties involved. 

Please give us as much detail as possible when contacting us.

5.  Refunds for wood projects:  If the end result of a project is not what was determined in the contract (colour, dimensions, size, date of completion, etc) then we will be more than willing to give a full refund of the deposit.  However, if all the terms are met and you are no longer interested with the project and do not wish to fulfill the payment, the deposit will not be refunded.  This makes the initial idea and planning stage important and you must be sure of the details of your project.

6.  After finalized design service:  Should you accept and finalize a payment of a design project, but down the road wish to rebrand, change the logo, or other related matter, we cannot do so as part of the previous payment.  In other words, further payment would be required.  This does not necessarily mean the costs will be drastic, we stand by our work and customers, but we cannot forever make changes on a never ending project.  If the changes are very minimal (we will decide what minimal includes at the time), we may not charge anything. 

7.  Cancellation: Should you wish to cancel a design project or wood working project within the first 24 hours of signing the contract, we will return half of your deposit.  After the first 24 hours  we do not refund the 50% deposit. 

8.  Should we miss the deadline:  If we have failed to meet the deadline, we will deduct 5% for every day we miss from the second 50% payment up to 10 days.  If there are extreme circumstances and we need more time, we may ask you to just bare with us.  We have a good record of getting things done before the date you ask them for, but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances.





































Information and policies you should know.

Disclaimer: By accepting and signing any contract or agreeing to have Abature work on a project for you (via e-mail, etc), you waive your rights to sue Abature or it's associates for any damages, personal injuries, public injury, and any other reasons pertaining to our work or an installation at your establishment.

1.  We do not have a storefront location: Our small home run business is located in Barrhaven.  You may pick up an item at our location or we can deliver it for a fee.  Every minute we spend out of the shop, is one less we aren’t working on another project.  For design related projects, we would be happy to meet with you in your home, your business, or at a public location (on occasion we may invite you to come to our location if you are comfortable with that.)  We try to be as flexible as possible, so don't be afraid to ask questions.  We can even work out everything online if the complexity of the project is low and you don't have time to meet us in person.

2.  We do not accept returns or exchanges - every product is a final sale:  We’re a small local business and can’t operate like the big box stores.  If we sell a print, home décor, or other item and then it is returned, it takes up space as inventory for a while and we just don’t have the time nor space.  Some of our services simply cannot be returned, graphic design for instance.  Once Sam has worked on your design project, she can't have that time returned to her. 

3.  We do not ship our items by courier:  To lower our carbon footprint, we have decided not to ship anything that we could not deliver ourselves.  The convenience of sending a small item across the country is great, but not exactly environmentally friendly.  If we could send it by carrier Pigeon, we would, truly we would, but then that would be unfair for the pigeon.

4.  Methods of payment: Unfortunately, we do not accept Canadian tire money, but of course we take cash and we do accept credit cards for a fee of 2.75% (We realize that 2.75% is a lot so we stress that you use cash!)

5.  We cannot take responsibility for damage:  Although we try to make our work as durable and sturdy as possible, we cannot guarantee that it will not break when handled roughly, dropped, or misused.  Once an item has entered your possession, we cannot take responsibility for what happens.  We think this is a pretty straight forward one.

6.  Rights and ownership of design material:  All of the services provided by the designer will be solely used by the customer, with the exception of promotional material for the designer.  After the designer has completed the job and the full payment for work is provided from the client, the client will gain full rights and total access to all related material (graphics, pictures, written information, colour schemes, branding, file types associated, and the identity of their brand.  (For everything graphic design related click here.)

7.  What you're doing to make the world a better place:  If you didn't see it on our home page, 5% of every sale goes to local charities and foundations..