Let's Talk About the Birds and the Bees! ...and how to keep them around.

We will be ever compiling a list of things you can do at home, at work, and while traveling to make the world a bit better.  Here at Abature we realize that most people want to do great things and be great people.  Well, we are finding many ways for you and your loved ones to save money and give back to the environment at the same time.  Some of our recommendations are so easy, others require a bit more commitment, but there are so many ways to improve your quality of life and that of the environments with some simple steps.  Here we go:

1. Make the most of that expensive green bin we already paid for. Check out here for a list of all do’s and don’ts of composting in Ottawa. Don’t forget about your black and blue bins too!  Click here for a waste explorer tool, very useful you want to know if an item should be in the green, blue, black or garbage bin.

2. House plants: Get more of them, a lot more! They lower the chances of getting colds and other indoor air quality problems like mold spores, bacteria, andallergens.  They are very inexpensive and natural air purifiers that we can all use more of, especially our children.  Many mechanical air purifiers have been reported to put out unsafe levels of ozone.   Do a little research and you will be surprised to see what some species can do for you and your home. Here are some sources we found: NASA Clean Air Study, Planting Healthier Indoor Air, and David Suzuki Foundation.

3. Thinking of making a beautiful garden? Start a compost pile, it’s a smart way of dealing with leftovers and it’s a great way to get your children involved in greening up your neighborhood.

4. Collect rainwater, it’s a cost effective way to water your garden and lawn. Especially during those hot summer months in Ottawa where we are experiencing droughts more frequently each year. (Remember to keep the lid on at all times.)

5. “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure”

Donate to second hand stores instead of throwing stuff out and buy used. Use sites like Kijiji or local Facebook groups to find things you are looking for or sell your unwanted belongings.

6. Plan your trips. If you drive, try to plan your route ahead of time to save on gas and while you’re at it take that junk out of your trunk to increase fuel efficiency, or try walking, biking, or taking the bus.

Some other little tips include:

-Love Timmies/Sbux? Bring your own mug and save 10 cents. Not a coffee drinker? Try using a reusable water bottle instead of buying water.

-Switch to digital instead of printing or buying.

E-books, newspapers, magazines/e-tickets/online bills/online income tax.

-Return plastic grocery bags back to the store to be recycled.

-Use cloths instead of paper napkins or diapers.

-Hang your clothes out to dry or if you’re in a rush try DIY wool dryer balls instead of sheets.

-Put a cover on your pool (prevents evaporation and it also keeps in the heat!)

-Try switching to CFL or LED instead of incandescent light bulbs.