Here's what we're up to:

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Create.  Design.  Build.

Looking for that next print to hang on your wall or a reclaimed frame to put it in? 

Need a logo that sets you apart from the competition that you'll be happy with and get help branding your business?

Or maybe you are looking for a unique piece of home decor, wood craft, or to have a custom made wood project?


What we do!

  • Create prints with social responsibility and sustainability in mind.  Standard and custom sizes.
  • Design unique graphics including logos, signs, marketing material, and more.  From your idea to reality. 
  • Build wood crafts, picture frames, and home decor and much more by salvaging and reclaiming local items in Ottawa. Custom work available!

How we are different!

Our work goes beyond the bottom line.  We are always looking to improve products, services, and ourselves to reduce our impacts, but ultimately: make people happy.  We need to mention that we do not have a storefront location, but that's okay!  We deliver, or we can meet you at an agreed upon place.  Delivery does carry a fee (the fee varies project to project).  For custom project terms, please see terms and policies.

We don’t think the customer should be asked to donate before or after a sale, but rather we should take the responsibility and give back to the community.  That’s why 5% of every sale made will go towards helping Ottawa’s community.  This includes charities and foundations in and around Ottawa and The Valley. (On occasion we will donate it to a cause that is currently happening.  Such events as the devastating fire in Fort McMurray.)

***Coming soon a list of charities and foundations you can pick from if you would like to choose.

All items are sourced locally one way or another and most of our products are uniquely crafted from limited and changing resources.

You need to feel comfortable before you can talk to anyone about your business.  It's a stressful topic, many decisions to be made, and so many possibilities.  Since this process is so important, we understand that during the process we will take the needed time to help you reach your goals through creative ways.  We feel our job is to help you along with your business and make sure that the end result is what you want and not just what you settled for.

We believe in a friendly balance between our business and our world, we pride ourselves in our efforts to give back to Ottawa and The Valley. 


Who we are!

Dennis Lavoie

Dennis Lavoie is a generalist or better known as, a jack-of-all-trades.  He feels content in many different fields including photography, woodwork, construction, design, environmental stewardship, automobile repair, and more.  He has a great passion and respect for the natural world and has begun incorporating that into his work by using reclaimed materials to build and/or restore unique pieces of home decor, furniture, various crafts, and picture frames from reclaimed wood and other materials.  His goal is to give new life to items that would otherwise make their way to landfills.  Dennis feels responsible to give back to the Ottawa community and the environment as both have helped make him who he is today.

If you are interested in a particular reclaimed item, print, design project, custom wood working piece or just have a question, you can give him a call or send him an email - he will be glad to hear from you!

Samantha McClelland

Samantha (Sam) McClelland is a graphic designer, crafter, and a pet enthusiast.  Not only does she have a huge heart for animals, but also a huge love for all things design related.  She loves meeting new people and trying to walk in their shoes so that she can connect with her clients and make sure that her work represents them in the best way.  She'll make sure that you will love the final outcome of the design, and be proud to call it your own.

Sam has spent four years learning about design at Algonquin College, and also did a co op placement at a local signage company. 

As much as she loves designing beside her little buddy, Bandit (mini schnauzer), she also likes outings through the local greenbelt trails, taking pictures, and feeding the birds. 

The Flea Market at the Rideau Carleton Raceway

The Flea Market at the Rideau Carleton Raceway

Even our workbench is made from reclaimed wood!

Even our workbench is made from reclaimed wood!